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Castle Bridge Players is a member of
Puppeteers of America, Inc
Puppetry Guild of Upstate New York
Union Internationale de la Marionette
Castle Bridge Players
"A Treasure House of Puppets"
Great Hall Productions
Stolen Kiss
Escape to Far Away Land where
everything happens once and upon the
same time. We discover what happens
when people do not understand the
value of a kiss
Necklace Brisingamen
A goddess is on a quest to gain that
which is her greatest desire. Join us on
a spellbinding trip through Norse
Echoes 'Neath a Native Sky
The story of two Indian children who
become lost in a dark, snowy forest
and find warmth under a blanket of
Native  American folklore
Great Hall productions require a 23'wide by12' deep by 13' high playing space and four standard
electrical outlets recommended  audience size of 200-300 per performance
Castle Adventures and the Courtyard Companions are special bookets designed to accompany
our Great Hall and Courtyard productions. These booklets have been designed as an activity book
and learning tool to be used in or out of the classroom
Masque Theater's  touring marionette company founded in 1995 as an
outreach program. Castle Bridge productions focus on themes involving
fantasy, mythology and folklore. Each production entertains and educates the
audience, not only to the world of puppetry, but also in customs and
traditions. Castle Bridge Players offers two types of productions the
and the Courtyard
Courtyard Series